Firefighter and Sparky Coloring Pads Bundle

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    Get creative teaching fire safety with Firefighter and Sparky® Coloring Pads.

    Introducing kids to fire prevention and safety through a fun exercise such as coloring opens the door for teaching lessons that last a lifetime. Firefighter and Sparky® Coloring Pad tear-off sheets are an ideal way to engage young audiences during Fire Prevention Week™ and at gatherings and events all year long.

    Our Coloring Pad Bundles include two unique black and white illustrations that children can color in—one featuring a real firefighter in full gear, and the other showcasing Sparky the Fire Dog® surrounded by a team of first responders from the community. These inspirational coloring sheets give kids the chance to portray these characters in a realistic way or in their unique creative vision while being introduced to the life-saving apparel and equipment that first responders use every day to help keep them safe.

    Firefighter and Sparky Coloring Pads are excellent for entertaining kids at a firehouse or classroom visit, or they can be distributed as handouts along with a goodie bag of other National Fire Protection Association® giveaways, such as:

    • Sparky® Crayons – What better accompaniment to our coloring sheets than these special crayons in Fire Engine Red, Caution Yellow, Safety Green, and Water Blue?
    • Color-Changing Mood Pencils – These enchanting mood pencils amaze children as the colors change from the heat from your hand.
    • Sparky Coloring Book – Become an artist at getting kids excited about fire safety with a coloring book featuring Sparky® and his friends.

    Make sure you're ready to grab the attention of kids and keep it at your department visits and events. Place an order for Firefighter and Sparky Coloring Pads Bundles for FPW™ and beyond. (Pre-K–Grade 1. 8.5-inch x 11-inch pad | Pad of 100)

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