Firefighter Coloring Pad

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    Teach kids about firefighters and the turnout gear they wear with the Firefighter Coloring Pad activity.

    Most children are captivated by the uniforms firefighters wear. However, it can also be scary seeing them in their gear when responding to an emergency.

    The Firefighter Coloring Pad offers a smart way to inspire young audiences to learn about the apparel and equipment that keeps their heroes safe. The more familiar kids are with this life-saving turnout gear, the more comfortable they will be in staying calm and cooperating in the event of a fire rescue incident.

    Include these tear-off sheets as part of your fire prevention and safety lesson plans and at all your school and community events throughout the year.

    The NFPA® Firefighter Coloring Pad is a great stand-alone product, and it also pairs nicely with Sparky® Crayons or Color-Changing Mood Pencils. The Coloring Pad can also support the Community Helper lesson plan in teaching kids about firefighter gear. These pads are highly portable and simple to store, making it easy to take them with you whenever you have the opportunity to engage with Pre-K through early grade school kids.

    Hand them out at:

    • Daycare and school visits and assemblies
    • Public gatherings and outdoor fairs and festivals
    • Fire department and fire station tours

    Teaching kids about what firefighters wear to protect themselves can leave a lasting impression that makes a difference in safety in your community.

    These cost-effective handouts are an practical way to make a powerful impact on young learners. Children have fun coloring in the firefighter in full turnout gear, and it helps them feel safe around local emergency responders.

    Place your order for Firefighter Coloring Pads to stock up today. (8.5" x 11" pad, 100 pp. per pad, Pre-K–Grade 1)

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