Fire Safety in the Kitchen Brochures

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    Did you know that cooking is the leading cause of home fires and home fire injuries, with nearly half of all home fires being caused by cooking?

    Help educate adults in your community about the importance of practicing fire safety measures in the kitchen. Fire Safety in the Kitchen Brochures provide useful advice about the recommended ways to prevent fires and burn injuries.

    Practical and clear messaging reinforce ways to stay focused while cooking, how to extinguish a small fire with the lid of a pan, how to keep the cooking areas safe from ignition sources, and more.

    Fire Safety in the Kitchen Brochures are an easy call to action for helping to keep the public safe from cooking fires.

    Lifesaving educational content is presented in a brightly colored and easy-to-read format, reminding everyone to cook up a recipe for safety.

    These brochures also include guidance for making a kid-free zone in the kitchen, installing and testing smoke alarms, electrical safety, and practicing your escape plan.

    Fire Safety in the Kitchen Brochures can be distributed to communities in:

    • High-traffic public areas and meeting spaces
    • Firehouses, medical offices, and office buildings
    • Civic centers, waiting areas in restaurants, and more

    Help improve fire prevention awareness for safety at home and encourage people to take smart steps to reduce the risk of cooking fires. Use these informational pamphlets to increase your community's understanding of essential strategies for spotting potential fire and injury hazards in the kitchen.

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