Get ready for Fire Prevention Week and “Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen!™”

Unattended cooking is the leading cause of home fires.

The Fire Prevention Week 2020 campaign highlights this year's focus on cooking safety and preventing kitchen fires at home. NFPA® has plenty of fire safety materials for kids and adults. Get helpful tips on creating a kid-free zone in the kitchen, how to extinguish a small fire with a lid, staying focused and alert while cooking, distributing materials at safety events, and more. Stock up on educational brochures, stickers, fire hats, coloring books and sheet pads, posters, Sparky the Fire Dog® value packs, and other materials that make great giveaways during your Fire Prevention Week open house events.

The 2020 FPW Catalog is available in print and PDF format. For your convenience we have created a PDF version of our catalog highlighting all the products and interesting articles.

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