2018 Fire Prevention Week Goodie Bags

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    Give the gift of safety with Fire Prevention Week™ Bags!

    FPW™ Bags increase exposure and awareness of fire prevention and safety every time they're in use. The all-new design features the familiar Sparky the Fire Dog®, joined by his new friend Simon, as the two safety advocates join forces to teach this year's Fire Prevention Week message: "Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware. Fire can happen anywhere.™"

    Ideal as goodie bags for a school gathering, community event, or safety demonstration, these eco-friendly bags offer plenty of room to hold all your FPW giveaways. Fire Prevention Week Bags remind kids of the essential steps to reduce the likelihood of having a fire, and how to escape safely in the event of one.

    Ideas of what to fill Fire Prevention Week Bags with include:

    • Pencils, crayons, pads, and erasers
    • FPW Stickers and Magnets,
    • Brochures, The Story of Sparky® book, and Kids' Activity Posters
    • Hats, T-Shirts, and other promotional materials

    Get the younger members of your community excited to learn about fire safety with a vibrantly colored bag loaded with goodies and giveaways. Whether you're organizing a Fire Prevention Week learning festival or hosting a youth group at your local department, you're able to send attendees home with vital safety resources they can utilize throughout the year.

    Order these re-useable Fire Prevention Week Bags to make a lasting impact at all your gatherings and events! (12 in. x 15 in. | Qty 100)

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