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  • Description

    Learn how you can help improve construction site fire safety and earn the digital NFPA® Gold Badge verifying your training and proficiency as a fire prevention program manager.

    Construction fires risk lives and cause millions of dollars in damages each year. Building and life safety codes require compliance with NFPA 241, Standard for Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations, which calls for construction projects to have a fire prevention program and a designated manager to enforce it. The Fire Prevention Program Manager Online Training Series focuses on the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to assume the duties of a fire prevention program manager (FPPM).

    This five-part online learning series helps professionals new to maintaining fire safety on construction sites improve their understanding of the role and responsibilities of their job. The combination training and digital badge program also provides construction companies, building owners, enforcers, and supervisors with validation that designated personnel are capable of managing an effective fire prevention program to assist in ensuring business continuity on construction sites.

    Upon completion of the course, you should be able to:

    • Describe the responsibilities of the fire prevention program manager
    • List the components of the fire prevention program and how they are executed
    • Identify required components of building life safety, hazard protection, and emergency preparedness
    • Illustrate the best practices for maintaining a safe construction site
    • Develop a routine for carrying out periodic inspections, issuing site permits, and ensuring the security of the site

    Innovative NFPA Online Training delivers high-impact instruction at the time, pace, and location that works for you.

    Fire Prevention Program Manager Online Training is developed by NFPA technical experts with valuable input from industry authorities and practitioners. The series features five individual learning courses that take you through the fundamental concepts and best practices of safeguarding construction environments. Throughout the training, you will receive engaging multimedia instruction, proceed through interactive exercises and knowledge checks, and close out each course by passing an exam to confirm your expertise.

    Finish all five hours of training to qualify for 0.5 CEU and earn your digital NFPA Gold Badge. This open badge serves as a verifiable, digital insignia with embedded metadata detailing your skills and achievement that you can display on your resume, signature line, or social profile.

    Access the training you need on your path to improving your understanding of construction site safety and becoming a fire prevention program manager.

    Recommended optional prerequisite for those unfamiliar with basic construction site fire safety knowledge prior to taking the course:

    • Construction Site Fire Safety Fundamentals Online Training

    The Fire Prevention Program Manager Online Training is available as a five-part series or along with the Construction Site Fire Safety Fundamentals Online Training. You can also register for the Construction Site Fire Safety Fundamentals as a stand-alone to establish the foundation for additional learning.

    Take a proactive step in improving fire safety on construction sites and advancing your career.

    The Fire Prevention Program Manager Online Training Series provides confidence that appointed personnel have the information and know-how to manage a Fire Prevention Program in order to maintain a construction site safe from fire and other hazards to help protect workers and property. Get started on achieving your professional goals and learning objectives by signing up today.


    Mandatory program in the city of Boston for persons designated as the FPPM (or alternate FPPM) on a construction, alteration, or demolition operation. 


    Who Will Benefit:
    Construction program managers, construction supervisors, facility managers, business owners, general contractors, fire protection engineers, contractors, and others who are responsible for protecting lives and property from fire and related hazards on construction sites.

    FPPM Series:
    This NFPA online training series is intended for FPPMs who are new to the role. The course is designed to help you learn how to actively manage a Fire Prevention Program for a typical construction project. While the program touches upon complex or unique projects, this series does not go in-depth to train more seasoned FPPMs.

    Continuing Education Credit:
    Complete this 5-hour FPPM course and qualify for 0.5 CEU.
    Complete the 1-hour Construction Site Fire Safety Fundamentals course and qualify for 0.1 CEU. Upon successful completion of the FPPM course, participants will have access to a CEU certificate and will earn a digital Gold Badge. You will be prompted to download the CEU certificates directly from the course site.

    Please verify applicability with your professional board or organization before registering.


    Group Training:
    For more information or to receive a price quote for NFPA group training,
    please call 877-336-3280 or e-mail:

  • Role of the Fire Prevention Program Manager (FPPM)

    Receive a high-level overview of the position of Fire Prevention Program Manager (FPPM), the responsibilities associated with it, and the background knowledge required for the role. The Role of the Fire Prevention Program Manager (FPPM) helps you consider the way construction, rehabilitation, and demolition projects may differ as it relates to fire safety. The module features video segments and interactive exercises for an immersive online learning experience. From understanding the contents of the fire prevention program to maintaining awareness and oversight of potential hazards and appropriate safety precautions, to being able to reference and apply the applicable codes and standards, this opening course helps establish the fundamentals to build upon in the ensuing lessons.

  • Building Safety and Fire Protection Systems

    The safety of a particular building is impacted by the type and phase of construction, fire department access, features of fire protection systems, and a variety of other environmental factors. Building Safety and Fire Protection Systems training presents informative videos, case studies, historical accounts, and other resources and reference materials for an enriched learning experience. Content intends to leave you with an enhanced understanding of the protection offered by different building construction types, hazards when protections are not yet available, and the advantages of fire detection and suppression systems in maintaining the safety of workers.

  • Hazard Protection

    There are substantial challenges and dangers unique to protecting buildings under construction. The Hazard Protection course details some of the primary factors that contribute to fire on construction sites and how the FPPM should address them by enforcing the Fire Prevention Program. You will have the opportunity to review facts, best practices, and real-life scenarios and explore relevant topics to learn more about everything from utilities and how they relate to construction fires to hot work safety. Instruction in this course should help provide a more in-depth understanding of the broad scope of risks unique to a construction site and the appropriate measures to reducing them.

  • Housekeeping and Site Maintenance

    There are thousands of reported fires in structures under construction each year, and many of these incidents can be avoided through educating personnel and implementing proper housekeeping and maintenance procedures. The 1-hour Housekeeping and Site Maintenance course incorporates multimedia presentations and interactive scenarios to provide an increased understanding of specific items that require regularly scheduled care and site management. Content also covers the personal actions of employees that can lead to fires and how to handle the safe storage of equipment and flammable and combustible materials. The fourth course culminates by focusing on the importance of training workers in the procedure outlined in the fire prevention program on how to react, report, and respond in an emergency.

  • Inspections, Permits, and Procedures

    Inspections, Permits, and Procedures, the fifth and final course in NFPA's® Fire Prevention Program Manager Online Training Series, spotlights many of the crucial ongoing functions of the FPPM and fire safety team. The course covers routine responsibilities and programs relating to inspections, maintenance, and the authoring of permits. You will have the chance to work through activities and scenarios, selecting the correct answers, and applying your accrued knowledge in the fundamentals of safeguarding construction sites. Inspections, Permits, and Procedures concludes with a project capstone, allowing you to apply what you have learned throughout the course in the setting of a realistic site inspection.

  • OPTIONAL PREREQUISITE: Construction Site Fire Safety Fundamentals Online Training

    There is a base set of knowledge required for the Fire Prevention Program Manager Online Training Series. The 1-hour Construction Site Fire Safety Fundamentals Online Training assists in preparing learners by offering an introduction and basic understanding of the essentials of fire safety at occupancies under construction. Go on the job with an experienced site supervisor and appointed FPPM of a multibuilding luxury complex under construction and rehabilitation to help carry out the fire safety plan. As you progress, you will earn safety credits required to rise through the ranks of the team from Junior, Navigator, and ultimately Elite level. Your attendance earns 0.1 CEU and a digital Bronze Badge, providing the confidence you are ready to learn a more complex, wider range of construction site fire safety and prevention concepts and information.

  • Testimonial

    "This is a great course for all those involved in running construction projects!" — OP A.

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    View this FREE interactive demonstration of the Fire Prevention Program Manager Online Training!

  • Terms & Specifications for Online Training


    • Course Tuition: The course tuition is due and payable before starting each module.
    • Expiration: Participants will need to take the online courses or series within 365 days.
    • CEUs: You earn 0.1 CEU for each learning hour. To verify total numbers of CEUs for a course or a series, please check the Description tab. Upon successful completion of a course or a series, participants will be able to download the CEUs certificate directly from the website. Please verify applicability with your professional board or organization.
    • Online Training is non-refundable.


    • For optimal online course performance, please use Google Chrome or Firefox® as your web browser. If you encounter any technical difficulty, check to make sure that cookies, javascript support and Adobe Flash are enabled.


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