Essentials of Distributed Generation Systems

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    Author: Gregory W. Massey, NFPA

    Get up-to-speed on alternative energy technologies with this new guide to the most-used distributed generation systems.

    Essentials of Distributed Generation Systems is a comprehensive source for everything electricians need to know about solar photovoltaic, wind turbine, fuel cell, micro turbine, and engine-generator system technologies.

    Using concise explanations with detailed and clear illustrations, this book prepares you to select the most appropriate type of distributed generation system by examining the strengths and weaknesses of each system and summarizing its components, operations, and limitations -- while discussing common factors that affect each of these alternative technologies.

    Organized by individual systems, Essentials of Distributed Generation Systems also takes a comprehensive look at how on-site generation technologies work as a whole.

    Learn about the benefits of distributed generation systems, including:

    • Reducing electric utility bills
    • Improving the reliability of electric power
    • Improving the payback of required generation systems
    • Making power marketable to sell to utilities
    • Generating environmentally-friendly power

    Whether you're looking for an introduction to the topic or an overview of the selection, design, and installation of systems, Essentials of Distributed Generation Systems is your source for complete and up-to-date information about alternative energy technologies. (Softbound, 204 pp., 2010)

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