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Item #: STICK19
Price: $12.50
  • Description

    Stickers provide a fun way for kids to get involved in promoting fire safety.

    Grab the attention of young audiences and win them over as fire safety advocates with bright, eye-catching Escape Planning;Stickers. The rolls of Stickers include two captivating designs featuring Sparky the Fire Dog® spreading the message, "Not every hero wears a cape. Plan and practice your escape!™" from the city to the countryside.

    National Fire Protection Association® Escape Planning Stickers are an excellent giveaway for all ages at all your gatherings and events. It's an economical way to gain exposure for fire safety messages that keeps your community focused on fire safety wherever they are seen throughout the year.

    Ideal places to hand out Stickers include:

    • Firehouse tours and safety seminars
    • School assemblies, drills, and demonstrations
    • Camp, daycare, and youth group visits
    • Sports contests and outdoor events
    • FPW fairs, festivals, and celebrations

    Children love to place these stickers on binders, lunch boxes, bikes, scooters, and other high-visibility places where they can spread the word about lifesaving escape planning messages.

    Be ready to please crowds of all ages by stocking up on Escape Planning Stickers! (3.25-inch diameter | Roll of 100)

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