Designing Mass Notification Systems: A Pathway to Effective Emergency Communications
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    Author: Wayne D. Moore, P.E.

    NFPA® leads the way to better emergency communications with the new first-edition Designing Mass Notification Systems.

    This comprehensive, practical guide helps you understand the complexities and coordinated interactions involved in mass notification system design according to NFPA 72®: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. Designing Mass Notification Systems: A Pathway to Effective Emergency Communications covers every aspect of the process to help you design systems that address the specific needs of different types of buildings or spaces during an emergency. Full-color photos and line art support text and clarify concepts.

    Comprehensive coverage includes:

    • History of mass notification systems (MNS)
    • The importance of MNS
    • Types of MNS and how they interrelate
    • Risk analysis (assessment, perception, and management, plus a risk analysis matrix)
    • Security and vulnerability assessment
    • Occupancies (from small buildings to multi-building facilities and complexes, DoD installations, stadiums, airports, and areas of heavily condensed populations)
    • Occupant behavior
    • Basic sound and communications concepts
    • Designing effective messaging
    • The impact of social media on MNS design
    • Emergency response

    Order your copy today so you're prepared to design systems that protect lives and comply with NFPA 72. (Print, 6 1/2" x 9 1/4", Approx. 300 pp., 2013)

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