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Nothing captures the scope of the NFPA® mission more than our work in building and life safety. From developing safety standards for new construction methods, materials, and technologies used in buildings, to addressing emerging life safety challenges such as active shooter and hostile events, our mission of protecting life and property has never been more important--or more challenging.

NFPA is a steadfast partner in helping you find solutions that help you do your job better and make your corner of the world safer.

Use the list below to discover more Building and Life Safety Essentials from NFPA.

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NFPA 99 and NFPA 101 Codes and NFPA 3000 Toolkit - 2021 Current Edition
Price: $198.75
Available on 11/6/2020. Order now!
NFPA 101 (2021) and NFPA 99 (2021) Codes and Tabs Toolkit
Price: $186.50
Available on 11/6/2020. Order now!