Brannigan's Building Construction for the Fire Service

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    Learn about structural hazards and save lives with the new updated Brannigan's Building Construction for the Fire Service.

    For over forty years, Brannigan's Building Construction for the Fire Service has been the field's most trusted and comprehensive building construction resource available. Now the new edition of this bestselling resource continues to honor Frank Brannigan's legacy by instilling his passion for detail and extensive practical experience.

    Brannigan's motto, "Know your buildings" impacts every aspect of this text, so you can avoid repeat tragedies by studying lessons learned!

    Learn the characteristics of different building materials, and how each loses structural strength and integrity under fire conditions. Understand the potential for killer flame spread, including hidden fire in voids that can create a deadly ambush. Be ready to spot the telltale warning signs of collapse, and the added risks of explosion and toxic smoke inherent in special occupancies.

    The new edition of Brannigan's gives today's fire fighters the insights they need before stepping onto the fireground:

    • A new, stand-alone chapter on New, Light, Green (Solar), and Modular Construction
    • Enhanced emphasis on tactical considerations
    • Coverage of the National Fire Academy's Fire and Emergency Services in Higher Education (FESHE) Building Construction for Fire Protection course objectives.

    The new Brannigan's is a "must" for commanders, instructors, students, and active fire fighters. Order now! (Print, 400 pp., 2012)

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