2011 Electrical Grounding and Bonding Video

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    NFPA®'s Electrical Grounding and Bonding Video lets you train workers right on site.

    Grounding and bonding in accordance with the NEC® are critical skills every electrical professional needs to master for safety and Code compliance. Provide expert instruction whenever and wherever it's required with NFPA's new 2011 Electrical Grounding and Bonding Video. This program combines visually-rich instruction with live-audience segments to help employees properly apply 2011 NEC requirements on the job. Program segments provide interactive coverage of the NEC Article 250: Grounding and Bonding and related rules. You can show video segments together or individually based on project specifics and worker needs.

    Viewers will understand the risks of incorrect grounding and gain the knowledge they need to:

    • Clarify correct usage of metal piping and framing as grounding electrode conductors.
    • Recognize all critical component sizes and locations in an effective grounding scheme.
    • Correctly ground an electrical system.
    • Complete grounding tasks for a wide array of electrical equipment.
    • Understand critical procedures for bonding electrical equipment and conductive materials.

    Ensure workers have vital grounding know-how with expert instruction from the Code source!

    NFPA's 2011 Electrical Grounding and Bonding Video facilitates training new employees and is an excellent refresher course for experienced professionals. It's a time-saving and effective way to conduct grounding and bonding training based on your company's projects and timeframe. (3 hours, 52 min.)

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