Sparky and the Runaway Robot! DVD and Comic Books Set

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    One great story. Two great formats. Fire safety lessons come alive with the Sparky® and the Runaway Robot! DVD and Comic Books Set!

    Team up with NFPA®'s clever video and companion comic books for super results. A dynamic opener for classroom or community presentations, the DVD shows vital fire safety concepts in action with lessons about smoke alarms, cooking safety, matches and lighters, sprinklers, escape planning, and more. The colorful comic books to take learning from the screen to the page and reinforce messages from the video.

    • Sparky and the Runaway Robot! DVD -- Treat audiences to action, excitement, and fun fire safety lessons as this video's delightful mix of live footage and clever animation tells the story of the madcap adventures of a robot who short circuits, races out of the fire station, and becomes an uninvited "guest" at the home of a family getting ready for a birthday party. As the Safe-T-Bot runs through the house upsetting the preparations, Sparky follows in hot pursuit delivering solid fire prevention and fire protection lessons in a thoroughly entertaining way. (K-Grade 6, Families, 12 min., DVD)
    • Sparky and the Runaway Robot! Comic Books -- Capture all the action, adventure, and life-saving lessons from the Sparky and the Runaway Robot! DVD in an engaging 16-page story that kids will enjoy reading again and again. Plus there's also a Find Two Ways Out maze and a connect the dots activity, too. (K-Grade 6, Package of 30)

    Order this dynamic Set today and celebrate fire safety with Sparky!

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