NFPA Ready Reference 2011 NFPA 70®: Creating an Electrically Safe Environment for Swimming Pools

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Avoid voltage differences around swimming pools that could cause electric shocks. NFPA®'s Ready Reference simplifies 2011 NEC® requirements.

Water and electricity don't mix! Promote safety in and around swimming pools with fast, easy-to-understand answers to common questions about equipotential bonding as specified in the 2011 NFPA 70®: National Electrical Code®, Article 680. With NFPA 70: Creating an Electrically Safe Environment for Swimming Pools' plain-language descriptions of requirements, no technical knowledge or experience is required.

Part of the NFPA® Ready Reference Series,, this concise clearly written illustrated PDF field guide features easy-to-understand explanations and color visuals to help you ensure an electrically safe environment for swimming pools. Prevent electric shocks and protect lives with information concerning:

  • When equipotential bonding is required
  • The difference between bonding and grounding
  • What needs to be bonded
  • Conductive pool shells
  • Perimeter surfaces
  • Metallic components, underwater lighting, metal fittings, and electrical equipment
  • Fixed metal parts
  • Pool water
  • Additional references

Order today and increase your understanding of special safety requirements for swimming pool electrical installations.