NFPA Ready Reference: 2011 NFPA 58, Proper Placement of LP-Gas Containers

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Propane safety starts with proper container placement. This Ready Reference provides easy-to-understand descriptions of 2011 NFPA 58 rules.

Questions or confusion about container placement could lead to potentially serious errors or job delays. Get immediate on-the-spot answers about implementing guidelines in the 2011 NFPA 58: Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code with NFPA 58: Proper Placement of LP-Gas Containers. Part of the NFPA® Ready Reference Series, this PDF guide simplifies Code requirements, describing them in non-technical terminology that anyone can understand.

Convenient and easy-to-use, this illustrated quick reference tool features brief plain-language explanations and detailed drawings to help you determine correct placement for various LP-Gas container types. Work smarter with information that addresses:

  • Table 6.3.1 Separation Distances Between Containers, Important Buildings, and Line of Adjoining Property That Can Be Built Upon
  • What is "line of adjoining property that can be built upon?"
  • What is an "important building?"
  • Can a cylinder be placed under a deck or overhang?
  • What is the "restaurant exemption?"
  • Replaceable/exchangeable LP-Gas DOT cylinders
  • Aboveground and underground ASME LP-Gas containers
  • Additional references

Put specialized knowledge in easy reach and be sure LP-Gas containers are sited for maximum safety. Order today and work more confidently and efficiently on all your jobs.