2017 Fall NFPA Products and Services Catalog
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    We’re at a pivotal time in the world where so much is changing, from explosive growth in global populations, to advances in transportation and energy, that we need to ask ourselves, how do we keep up? The answer, we think, is simple.

    All of us, every man and woman whose work affects the safety of others, need to continue doing what we’ve always done – working together – but on an even higher level. We now have the analytical resources to analyze data and predict where wildfires are most likely to occur. We are committed to working with partners in the field, like Boston Fire Command, to reassess certification standards and training for hot work like welding and grinding. Our codes and standards have always been valuable to the world, but our real value is the network of passionate men and women around the world doing their jobs every day, alert to challenges that can help us all make the world safer. By being informed, we can solve challenges. By working together in real time, we can solve problems in real time, from improving ways to monitor first responder heart rates, to improving unmanned aircraft for fire suppression and search and rescue.

    At the end of the day, there are two things we know for certain at NFPA®. One, the world isn’t going to stop growing and advancing, and, two, only by working together with amazing men and women like yourself can we continue to help that growing, advancing world protect itself.




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  • Electrical Index
  • Fire Protection Systems Index
  • Building and Life Safety Index

    shop.nfpa.org/lifesafety includes resources covering life safety, fire protection systems in health care, CMS regulations, fire doors and dampers, and more:

    • NFPA 101® Handbooks, Code, Training and Certification
    • NFPA 99 Handbook and Training
    • NFPA 80 Standard and Training
  • Industrial Hazards Index

    shop.nfpa.org/indhazard includes resources covering flammable liquids, dust hazards, fuel gas, and confined space entry:

    • NFPA 30
    • NFPA 54
    • NFPA 654 Standard and Training
    • NFPA 350 Standard and Training


  • Emergency Response Index

    shop.nfpa.org/fp includes comprehensive resources for fire code regulations and enforcement, compliance, and fire protection knowledge for career advancement.

    • NFPA 1
    • Fire Protection Handbook Training and Certification


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