NFPA 25: Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection System

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NFPA 25 Standard

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2014 NFPA 25 Current Edition & Handbook

NFPA’s Redline PDF contains both the current NFPA document and a Redline version of the document which shows changes from the previous edition marked in color. With the Redline you can quickly spot changed sections and tell specifically what has been changed from the previous edition, saving time and confusion.

  • · Changed sections are marked with a vertical rule.
  • · Deleted material is shown in red strikethrough type.
  • · New material appears in blue underscored type.

Sample (NFPA 10, 2010)* Wheeled fire extinguishers shall be considered for hazard protection where fulfillment of the following requirementsis necessary: in areas in which a fire risk assessment has shown the following:

(4) (1) High hazard areas are present.

(5) (2) Limited available personnel Limited available personnel are present, thereby requiring an extinguisher that has the following features:

(1) (a) High agent flow rates

(2) (b) Increased agent stream range

(3) (c) Increased agent capacity