Handbook of Smoke Control Engineering, 2012 Edition

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Authors: John H. Klote, James A. Milke, Paul G. Turnbull, Ahmed Kashef, and Michael J. Ferreira

New Handbook of Smoke Control Engineering incorporates the latest research and advances in smoke control practices into one comprehensive source!

Published by ASHRAE in cooperation with the NFPA®, the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE), and the International Code Council (ICC), the first-edition Handbook of Smoke Control Engineering combines facts and in-depth guidance about every aspect of smoke control technology, including fundamental concepts, smoke control systems, and methods of analysis.

A must-have tool for anyone who designs smoke control systems.

Unique in the field, this 24-chapter Handbook provides authoritative information needed for the analysis of design fires, including considerations of sprinklers, shielded fires, and transient fuels. It brings practicing engineers, architects, code officials, researchers, and students up-to-date on new topics such as:

  • Controls
  • Fire and smoke control in transport tunnels
  • Full-scale fire testing
  • Systems for stairwell pressurization, elevator pressurization, zoned smoke control, and atrium smoke control

The Handbook includes a valuable introduction to computer models CONTAM and CFAST featuring simplified instructions with examples. It's also the only resource with climatic data specifically for smoke control design for locations in the U.S., Canada, and throughout the world. Sample calculations are provided to help designers prevent smoke damage. An appendix with derivations of many of the equations assists teachers and students.

Order your copy of the first edition of Handbook of Smoke Control Engineering now and access vital information for engineers, architects, commissioning agents, air balancing professionals, and code officials. (Hardbound, 512 pp., 2012)