2016 Fire Prevention Week In A Box + Sparky’s ABCs of Fire Safety DVD Value Pack

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Item #: PKG516D
Price: $695.00
  • Description

    FPW In A Box™ Value Pack 500 + Sparky®'s ABCs of Fire Safety DVD is everything you need to make Fire Prevention Week™ a success!

    It is the biggest FPW Value Pack you can buy! Wait until you see what you get in one big box...for one great price -- including the popular Sparky's ABCs of Fire Safety DVD with the FPW In A Box 500!

    NFPA®'s FPW In A Box is loaded with popular giveaways that are perfect for delivering trusted and essential messages about fire safety and prevention. It is filled with trinkets and treasures that kids love! You'll receive:

    • 1 Banner
    • 500 FPW News
    • 500 Magnets
    • 500 Stickers
    • 500 Goodie Bags
    • 500 Brochures
    • 75 Posters
    • 500 Kids Activity Posters

    This big box of everything contains the best-selling items -- the tried and true giveaways -- that resonate and leave a lasting impression with kids and adults.

    Plus, it comes with the loveable Sparky's ABCs of Fire Safety DVD which you can show on all of your classroom and school visits or even during tours of the fire station! Kids adore this DVD! Order now.

  • DVD Preview

    Introduce young children to the ABCs of fire safety with Sparky®'s ABC's of Fire Safety DVD!

    Help young learners navigate the alphabet soup of fire safety with this entertaining and enlightening video! Kids zoom off on an exciting journey with Sparky the Fire Dog® puppet where they soar into Letterland, a magical world where anything is possible! Sparky captivates young learners using a fun song that helps them remember what to do when the smoke alarm sounds. Learning about fire safety really is as easy as A, B, C!

    • A is for Alarms that let you know there's a fire in your home.
    • B is for Beep, Beep, Beep the sound a smoke alarm makes.
    • C is for Calm, as in calmly get outside when the smoke alarm sounds.
    • D is for Don't be scared of the loud smoke alarm.
    • E if for Everyone should have working smoke alarms.

    From K -- "Know the fire department's number is 9-1-1" -- to P is for "Practice your family's home fire escape drill," this fun 'n fantastic show is a surefire hit with young audiences!  (Families, Approx. 11 min.)

    Watch a clip from the DVD below!

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