NFPA 1963: Standard for Fire Hose Connections

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NFPA 1963 provides manufacturers with the latest industry guidelines for standardized couplings and adapters for fire hose connections.

When it comes to manufacturing fire hoses, connections, coupling and nozzles, every detail counts. Failure of a component can have serious consequences for those at a fire scene.

NFPA 1963: Standard for Fire Hose Connections details performance requirements for new fire hose couplings and adapters with nominal sizes from 3/4 in. (19 mm) through 8 in. (200 mm) along with the specifications for the mating surfaces. Requirements apply to:

  • Coupling assemblies and adapters
  • Screw-thread connections
  • Non-threaded connections
  • Fire hose nozzle gaskets and gasket seats

Changes to the 2014 edition of NFPA 1963 include:

  • The equations have been brought into conformity with the Manual of Style for NFPA® Technical Committee Documents.
  • All non-threaded adapters are now permitted to have gaskets, though not necessarily pressure gaskets.

This document complements NFPA 1962: Standard for the Care, Use, Inspection, Service Testing, and Replacement of Fire Hose, Couplings, Nozzles, and Fire Hose Appliances, which is for fire hose operators.

NFPA 1963 contributes to a set of standards that provide manufacturers with consistent requirements for the whole fire hose system. Order your copy today. (Softbound, 28 pp., 2014)

NFPA® 1963 Standard for Fire Hose Connections 2014 Edition

Chapter 1 Administration
1.1 Scope
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Application
Chapter 2 Referenced Publications
2.1 General
2.2 NFPA Publications
2.3 Other Publications
2.4 References for Extracts in Mandatory Sections
Chapter 3 Definitions
3.1 General
3.2 NFPA Official Definitions
3.3 General Definitions
Chapter 4 General Coupling and Adapter Requirements
4.1 Workmanship
4.2 Materials
4.3 Minimum Waterway
4.4 Gasket Groove
4.5 Testing
4.6 Internal Strength
4.7 Tensile Strength
4.8 Connect/Disconnect Capability
4.9 Rough Usage
4.10 Coupling Retention
4.11 Vacuum Tightness
4.12 Corrosion Resistance
4.13 Nonmetallic Materials
4.14 High-Temperature Performance
4.15 Low-Temperature Performance
4.16 Gasket Performance
4.17 Marking
Chapter 5 Screw Threads for Couplings and Adapters
5.1 Basic Form of Thread
5.2 Thread Series Designation
5.3 Dimensions of American National Fire Hose Connection Screw Threads (NH)
5.4 Thread Dimensions
5.5 Tolerance
5.6 Gauges and Gauging NH Threads
Chapter 6 Nonthreaded Connections
6.1 General
6.2 Gauges
6.3 Locks
6.4 Indicators
6.5 Force to Connect and Disconnect
6.6 Caps
6.7 Adapters
6.8 Hydrant and Fire Department Connections
Chapter 7 Gaskets
7.1 Threaded Coupling Gasket
7.2 Nonthreaded Connection Gaskets
7.3 Tail Gasket
Chapter 8 Use of NH Threads and Nonthreaded Connections
8.1 Hose Coupling Threads
8.2 Connections for Fire Service Nozzles for Handlines
8.3 Connections for Large-Stream Devices
Annex A Explanatory Material
Annex B History of Fire Hose Coupling Thread Standardization in the United States
Annex C Informational References