NFPA 105: Standard for Smoke Door Assemblies and Other Opening Protectives

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2013 NFPA 105
Prior Years Prior Editions of NFPA 105

NFPA 105 now references NFPA 80 for more detailed information on smoke door assembly inspection, testing, and maintenance.

Smoke is the leading killer in destructive fires, and NFPA 105: Standard for Smoke Door Assemblies and Other Opening Protectives presents comprehensive requirements for the performance of required smoke door assemblies and other opening protectives -- such as smoke dampers that are intended to limit the spread of smoke.

To facilitate your work, the 2013 edition of NFPA 105:

  • References 2013 NFPA 80 for inspection, testing, and maintenance of smoke door assemblies, giving users the full benefit of greater guidance on ITM and more user-friendly rules.
  • Includes revised Annex language on smoke dampers that coordinates with NFPA 72®: Fire Alarm and Signaling Code.

Update now for the latest safeguards on smoke doors in the 2013 NFPA 105. (Softbound, 11 pp., 2013)

NFPA® 105 Standard for Smoke Door Assemblies and Other Opening Protectives 2013 Edition

Chapter 1 Administration
1.1 Scope
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Application
1.4 Retroactivity
1.5 Equivalency
Chapter 2 Referenced Publications
2.1 General
2.2 NFPA Publications
2.3 Other Publications
2.4 References for Extracts in Mandatory Sections
Chapter 3 Definitions
3.1 General
3.2 NFPA Official Definitions
3.3 General Definitions
Chapter 4 Testing and Installation
4.1 General
4.2 Test Specimen
4.3 Air Leakage Test
4.4 Labeling
4.5 Installation
Chapter 5 Maintenance
5.1 General
5.2 Specific Requirements
Chapter 6 Installation, Testing, and Maintenance of Smoke Dampers
6.1 General
6.2 Definitions. (Reserved)
6.3 Installation
6.4 Operational Test
6.5 Periodic Inspection and Testing
6.6 Maintenance
Annex A Explanatory Material
Annex B Informational References