NFPA 3: Recommended Practice for Commissioning of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems, Spanish

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NFPA 3, Spanish


Introducing NFPA 3, Spanish Edition -- the first and only commissioning program for fire protection and life safety systems.

Lack of accountability for the commissioning of fire protection and life safety systems jeopardizes system functionality and causes conflicts between designers, contractors, owners, and AHJs. All-new NFPA 3: Recommended Practice for Commissioning and Integrated Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems resolves these issues with a complete commissioning program for system start-up and testing.

Developed in response to a request from the National Institute of Building Science (NIBS), this landmark 2012 edition document outlines a process for the commissioning and integrated testing of interconnected safety systems, to help stakeholders verify systems are optimized to function as intended.

NFPA 3 covers procedures, methods, responsibilities, and documentation.

Adaptable for all types of systems -- fire protection suppression and control, fire alarm, emergency communications, smoke control, power, fire doors, commercial cooking operations, elevators, and more
-- NFPA 3 spells out:

  • Qualifications of commissioning team members, such as job titles
  • Thirteen categories for a commissioning team appropriate to the project size and scope
  • Guidelines for an integrated testing plan developed by an integrated testing agent
  • Direction for retro-commissioning and recommissioning of existing buildings to verify system performance and interconnectivity
  • Forms and reports that provide a baseline for documentation

The NFPA 3, 2012 Spanish edition is a breakthrough in building safety.

Make commissioning and integrated testing clear. Ensure systems are ready for action with practical guidance in a single source. (Softbound, 52 pp., 2012)