NFPA 160: Standard for the Use of Flame Effects Before an Audience

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2011 NFPA 160
Prior Years Prior Editions of NFPA 160

Keep pace with changes in the 2011 NFPA 160: Standard for the Use of Flame Effects Before an Audience so flame special effects won't pose threats to life and property.

The 2011 NFPA 160: Standard for the Flame Effects Before an Audience provides the latest requirements for the protection of the audience, support personnel, performers, the operator, assistants, and property where flame effects are used. Criteria apply to all aspects, including design, fabrication, installation, testing, control, operation, and maintenance.

This standard improves safety with the following revisions and additions:

  • Amended the application section to clarify that NFPA 140 applies to use of flame effects when no audience is present in motion picture filming venues
  • Updated definitions to correlate both special effects documents, including adding definition for performer and support personnel
  • Requirements for developing and approving flame effects plan have been included
  • Modified basis for establishing separation distance requirements to utilize a test method that is more practical for use in the field

Formatting changes facilitate ease of use and enhance comprehension for flame effect operators, special effects operators, venue managers, and enforcing officials. (Softbound, 23 pp., 2011)

NFPA® 160 Standard for the Use of Flame Effects Before an Audience 2011 Edition

Chapter 1 Administration
1.1 Scope
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Application
1.4 Retroactivity
1.5 Equivalency
Chapter 2 Referenced Publications
2.1 General
2.2 NFPA Publications
2.3 Other Publications
2.4 References for Extracts in Mandatory Sections
Chapter 3 Definitions
3.1 General
3.2 NFPA Official Definitions
3.3 General Definitions
Chapter 4 Holding Areas for Flame Effect Materials and Devices
4.1 General
4.2 Holding Areas
Chapter 5 Permit and Approval Requirements and Terms of Installation
5.1 Permit Requirements
5.2 Approval Requirements
5.3 Content of Flame Effect Plans
5.4 Flame Effect Demonstration
5.5 Interruption of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems During Flame Effect Demonstrations and Operations
Chapter 6 Documentation of Flame Effects
6.1 General
6.2 Operating Procedures
Chapter 7 Use of Flame Effects
7.1 Testing and Evaluation.
7.2 Housekeeping
7.3 Site Inspection
7.4 Smoking
7.5 Rehearsal and Pre-Show Operations
7.6 Show Operations
7.7 Post-Show Operations
7.8 Maintenance
7.9 Emergency Operations
7.10 Protective Clothing
7.11 Security
Chapter 8 Flame Effect Operator
8.1 Operator Qualifications
8.2 Operator Responsibilities
8.3 Substance Abuse and Safety
8.4 Minimum Age
Chapter 9 System Components, Flame Effect Control Systems, and Design
9.1 General Requirements for Flame Effect Control System Design
9.2 Specific Requirements for Flame Effect Control System Design and Operation, by Group
9.3 Implementation of the Required Control Functions
Chapter 10 System Installation and Testing
10.1 General
10.2 Pressure Testing and Inspection of Piping
10.3 Temperatures of Components
Chapter 11 Fire Protection Provisions
11.1 General
11.2 Evaluation for Permanently Installed Flame Effects
11.3 Additional Fire Safety Provisions for Temporary Installations
11.4 Standby Fire Safety Personnel Requirements
Annex A Explanatory Material
Annex B Design of Flame Effects
Annex C Inspection Guidelines
Annex D Informational References