NFPA 1901: Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus

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2009 NFPA 1901
Prior Years Prior Editions of NFPA 1901

Support fire fighters during response and on scene activity with the new NFPA 1901: Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus.

Updated to provide better safety and effectiveness of fire apparatus, the 2009 NFPA 1901 defines the requirements for new automotive fire apparatus designed to be used under emergency conditions for transporting personnel and equipment, and to support the suppression of fires and mitigation of other hazardous situations. This important Standard covers everything from pumpers to aerial fire apparatus to special service apparatus, such as rescue vehicles and haz-mat vehicles, as well as quints and mobile foam apparatus.

Changes and additions to the 2009 NFPA 1901 include added miscellaneous equipment requirements for each type of apparatus, plus:

  • New requirements for vehicle stability and maximum top speed for heavier fire apparatus
  • New defined length of seatbelts, requirements for how to measure them, and a new required warning device for seatbelt use
  • New rule that fire helmets not be worn while riding in apparatus and provisions for helmet storage
  • Requirement that vehicle data recorders capture vehicle speed, acceleration/deceleration, engine speed, engine throttle position, ABS event, seat occupied and seat belt status, master warning device switch position, and date/time
  • Specific requirements for control of a diesel particulate filter, if provided
  • Rule that cabs on apparatus with GVWR over 26,000 lb. must meet one of two sets of standards on occupant protection during crashes
  • More specific requirements for retro-reflective striping
  • Other changes involving hose storage areas, and control of aerial devices
  • New testing requirements for foam systems
  • A new chapter provides requirements for trailers used under emergency response conditions

For ease of use, the chapter on industrial supply pumps has been combined with the chapter on fire pumps. The latest edition of NFPA 1901 is essential for fire service and other purchasers of fire apparatus, fire apparatus manufacturers, apparatus component manufacturers, and testing companies. (Softbound, 194 pp., 2009)

NFPA 1901 Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus 2009 Edition

Chapter 1 Administration
Chapter 2 Referenced Publications
Chapter 3 Definitions
Chapter 4 General Requirements
Chapter 5 Pumper Fire Apparatus
Chapter 6 Initial Attack Fire Apparatus
Chapter 7 Mobile Water Supply Fire Apparatus
Chapter 8 Aerial Fire Apparatus
Chapter 9 Quint Fire Apparatus
Chapter 10 Special Service Fire Apparatus
Chapter 11 Mobile Foam Fire Apparatus
Chapter 12 Chassis and Vehicle Components
Chapter 13 Low Voltage Electrical Systems and Warning Devices
Chapter 14 Driving and Crew Areas
Chapter 15 Body, Compartments, and Equipment Mounting
Chapter 16 Fire Pumps and Associated Equipment
Chapter 17 Auxiliary Pumps and Associated Equipment
Chapter 18 Water Tanks
Chapter 19 Aerial Devices
Chapter 20 Foam Proportioning Systems
Chapter 21 Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS)
Chapter 22 Line Voltage Electrical Systems
Chapter 23 Command and Communications
Chapter 24 Air Systems
Chapter 25 Winches
Chapter 26 Trailers
Annex A Explanatory Material
Annex B Specifying and Procuring Fire Apparatus
Annex C Weights and Dimensions for Common Equipment
Annex D Guidelines for First-Line and Reserve Fire Apparatus
Annex E History of NFPA 1901
Annex F Informational References
Tentative Interim Amendment