NFPA 1976: Standard on Protective Ensemble for Proximity Fire Fighting

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2000 NFPA 1976
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NFPA 1976 specifies minimum requirements for the design, performance, testing, and certification of the elements of the protective ensemble. Items include coats, trousers, helmets, shrouds, gloves, footwear, and interface items for protection from extremely high levels of radiant heat as well as conductive and convective heat that can be encountered during fire fighting operations involving bulk flammable liquids, bulk flammable gas, bulk combustible metals. Requirements for aircraft rescue and fire fighting operations are also included.
(86 pp., 2000)

NFPA 1976 Standard on Protective Ensemble for Proximity Fire Fighting 2000 Edition

Chapter 1 Administration
Chapter 2 Certification
Chapter 3 Labeling and Information
Chapter 4 Design Requirements
Chapter 5 Performance Requirements
Chapter 6 Test Methods
Chapter 7 Referenced Publications
Appendix A Explanatory Material
Appendix B Referenced Publications
Tentative Interim Amendment