NFPA 480: Standard for the Storage, Handling and Processing of Magnesium Solids and Powders

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NFPA 480


NFPA 480 deals with fire and explosion hazards in magnesium foundries and processing plants, as well as the commercial storage of magnesium. Covers machining and fabrication, scrap handling, and storage. 

Chapter 1 General
Chapter 2 Location and Construction of Magnesium Powder Production Plants
Chapter 3 Magnesium Mill and Foundry Operations
Chapter 4 Machining, Finishing, and Fabrication of Magnesium
Chapter 5 Magnesium Powder - Machinery and Operations
Chapter 6 In-Plant Conveying of Magnesium Powder
Chapter 7 Prevention of Fugitive Dust Accumulations
Chapter 8 Storage of Magnesium Solids
Chapter 9 Fire Prevention and Fire Protection
Chapter 10 Referenced Publications
Appendix A Explanatory Material
Appendix B Supplementary Information on Magnesium
Appendix C Explosibility of Magnesium Dust
Appendix D Referenced Publications