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NFPA 295: Standard for Wildfire Control

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1998 NFPA 295
Prior Years Prior Editions of NFPA 295

NFPA 295 specifies procedures for the control of wildfires, including department management, fireground organization, equipment, and apparatus. (Softbound, 35 pp., 1998)

NFPA 295 Standard for Wildfire Control 1998 Edition

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 General Policy
Chapter 3 Organization
Chapter 4 Command
Chapter 5 Operations
Chapter 6 Planning
Chapter 7 Logistics
Chapter 8 Finance
Chapter 9 Referenced Publications
Appendix A Explanatory Material
Appendix B Air Operations for Forest, Brush, and Grass Fires
Appendix C Referenced Publications
Appendix D Bibliography