NFPA 482: Standard for the Production, Processing, Handling and Storage of Zirconium

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1996 NFPA 482
Prior Years Prior Editions of NFPA 482

NFPA 482 provides a comprehensive plan for personnel safety, and fire and explosion prevention and protection. (18 pp., 1996)

NFPA 482 Standard for the Production, Processing, Handling, and Storage of Zirconium 1996 Edition

Chapter 1 General
Chapter 2 Sponge Production
Chapter 3 Zirconium Melting
Chapter 4* Mill Operations
Chapter 5 Machining and Fabrication
Chapter 6 Scrap Storage
Chapter 7* Zirconium Powder Production and Use
Chapter 8 Fire Prevention and Fire Protection
Chapter 9 Referenced Publications
Appendix A Explanatory Material
Appendix B Supplementary Information on Zirconium
Appendix C Referenced Publications